The 10 best paid technical courses

A great alternative to who wants to return to the job market or start at itwith a good salary is to take a technical course. Find out which are the ten technical courses with good salaries!

A great alternative to who wants to return to the job market or start at it with a good salary is to take a technical course indeed ask about how to buy essays online for college . The technical courses are aimed at those people who wish to have a qualification in a short time, in areas that have a good employability.

The technical courses train mid-level professionals and focus on practical activities, with the goal of preparing professionals for the job market. There is a shortage of skilled labor in various sectors and salaries for technicians are on the rise.

Ten best paid technical courses

Below we list ten top-ranked technical courses currently offering many job opportunities. According to experts heard by the newspaper O Globo, the following technical courses present good salary possibilities. In some cases, the remuneration exceeds that of higher-level professionals.

  • Environmental technician
  • Computer Network Technician
  • Mobile Development Technician
  • Foreign Trade Technician
  • Geoprocessing Technician
  • Mechanical technician
  • Electrical Technician
  • Occupational Safety Technician
  • Civil Construction Technician
  • Logistics Technician

If we consider only the industrial sector, the list changes a little. According to a recent survey by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), the 8 highest paid technical posts in this area are:

  • Petrochemical Technician
  • Mining technician
  • Electromechanical maintenance supervisor
  • Operator of plants for the generation and distribution of electric, hydraulic, thermal and nuclear energy
  • Supervisor of metalworking assembly
  • Polyvalent operator of chemical, petrochemical and related facilities
  • Mineral extraction supervisor
  • Supervisor of production in chemical, petrochemical and related industries
  • Pronatec

Seeking to encourage the qualification of technicians, the Federal Government has invested considerably in recent years and created the National Program of Access to Technical Education and Employment (Pronatec). Through this program it is possible to enter technical courses in federal public schools, Federal Institutes of Education, Science and Technology, and in the units of SENAI, SENAC, SENAR and SENAT.

A very interesting option for those who wish to join one of these offered courses is to participate in the Unified Vocational and Technological Education Selection System (Sisutec).


Sisutec is the selection process carried out by the federal government through the Ministry of Education (MEC) and is similar to the Unified Selection System (SISU), where public and private institutions offer free positions in technical courses throughout US. In order to classify the candidates who made the application, the National High School Exam (Enem) grade is used.