Faculty of Psychology

Psychology is the area that studies human behavior and its actions. Check out the list of public and private universities that offer this degree!

Being willing to listen and learn from others, enjoy reading, study and relate are some of the essential characteristics for those who want to pursue a career in Psychology.

Another key characteristic to becoming a psychologist is emotional balance. Students who graduate in psychology must be able to deal with the problems of others without being emotionally involved in the patient’s history, using rationally the skills acquired during the course to assist them.

The Psychology course lasts on average five years and seeks to train professionals able to analyze the problems of the patient and help him to work and solve these questions. Several internships must be held throughout the course, so that the student graduates from the undergraduate prepared for the challenges of the profession.

Faculty of Dance

The Dance course is offered by some of the best universities in the country. UFBA was one of the pioneers to offer this course, both in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The course

The Dance course is shaped for those who wish to increase and enhance their knowledge in the body arts and can be offered as a Bachelor or Bachelors Degree.

The course will bring, in addition to practical knowledge, theory and details about the most varied types of dance. But the student should also seek knowledge outside the academic environment. The better informed and more prepared the student is, the greater the chances of becoming an excellent professional and getting a good placement in the job market.

The Dance course lasts 4 or 5 years depending on the institution.

The Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) is one of the universities that has the oldest dance course. The graduation began in the year 1956 and until today it forms students with a high degree of responsibility and dedication by the profession. The university was also one of the pioneers in the masters in Dance, being that the graduate was the first to be initiated in US, created in 2005 and launched in 2006.

Top Medical Schools

Check out the list of the best public and private colleges that offer the medical course!

Medicine is one of the courses that has greater competition in the vestibular. This is due to the number of specializations that a doctor has the option to choose and to the remuneration, which is one of the best.

Anyone who graduates from a medical school, after 6 years of graduation, must do a specialization, also known as residence, to become fit to act in some specific branch. For example, a student who wants to be a pediatrician and one who wants to be a geriatrician can complete the medical degree together, but one will do the residency in pediatrics and the other in geriatrics. Specializations can last for up to 3 years.

The Vestibular World has a very detailed article about the medical course and the specializations that can be performed.

The Importance of Choosing a Good Medical Degree

Choosing a good medical course in a good university is of utmost importance for student training. The training during graduation, the accomplishment of internships, the participation in lectures, among other academic activities, are differentials that can leverage the career of any professional. Stay alert to what the institution can offer to your professional and personal training.

The profession of physician is one that requires greater responsibility and attention, where any mistake can be fatal to the patient. This is another reason why you should cautiously choose the university where you will complete this degree.