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This is my personal blog, written from the point of view of someone who is both a student dietitian, and a coeliac living in London. It therefore contains both objective, up-to-date information about important nutrition and health issues relevant to many people, plus my personal views and experiences about living gluten-free with coeliac disease. The purpose of this blog is absolutely not to recommend everyone follows a gluten-free diet (something I discuss in more detail on my About Me page).

Always check the British Dietetic Association, the professional association and trade union for UK dietitians for any qualified dietitian. Although as a student I am not yet HCPC registered, I adhere to their advertising standards. This basically means I can’t advertise anything inaccurate or support unjustifiable statements relating to products.


As a student dietitian and coeliac, I occasionally review products and places (e.g. restaurants) for my own research, and to share my thoughts, experiences, and opinions with you all. This is especially the case with gluten-free products since gluten-free cooking is notoriously tricky, and often depends on experimentation with a range of different materials, for different purposes. Some products simply do the job better than others, and I believe it’s important people know about them to enhance their enjoyment of food and quality of life! (For some reason I have a fascination with Krispy Kreme doughnuts, perhaps because I have never actually been able to eat one,they smell enticing and are always staring me in the face in train stations. If someone ever comes across one,  I’d  hope they would scream from the rooftops to let me know it exists 😉 ). Obviously there are far more life affirming examples, but you get my drift.

I am yet to review anything I have received for free, or cash payment, but if this were to happen I will make it clear at the top of that blog post.  So far, I have only reviewed products I have come across myself, and purchased at their full price. The words in my blog post are my own, meaning any compensation will not affect the content of my posts. I am due to redesign my review posts with a specific structured Q & A system whereby all products go under the same, objective scrutiny. This means if a product review is completed at the request of a company/brand, I will be honest and the review may not always be positive! I will however not always actually review a product if I don’t like it, and I will inform companies this may be the case before they offer to send me anything. This is of course unless I receive a product out of the blue.

Dietetic Advice

Nothing on this site is intended as medical advice, or as a substitute for seeing a registered dietitian. If you think you would benefit from seeing one, please see your GP to discuss a referral.

Thank you for reading!